Short overview of the political situation in France

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The month of April saw the French state attack on all fronts of struggle: violent police interventions on the ZAD, against student occupations and in demonstrations, media attacks and political firmness assumed against striking workers.

On Monday 9 April, 2,500 gendarmes invaded the ZAD and began to destroy people houses. In 4 days, they expelled about 30 of them. In that process, there were significantly slowed down by fierce resistance. On Saturday 14 April, 10,000 people demonstrated in Nantes in support of the ZAD. The next day, more than 15,000 of us came to the area to try to rebuild houses (without success), confront the gendarmes and express our support for the ZAD. Despite this massive show of solidarity, the government maintained a hard line by threatening to expel the whole ZAD.

The occupations of the universities of Tolbiac (Paris 1), St Charles (Paris 1), Nancy, Metz and Montpellier were expelled by the cops. While threats of expulsion hang over several other struggling universities.

However, the struggle continues on many fronts. The railway workers continue to strike 2 days out of 5 and threaten to continue their movement until July if they do not obtain satisfaction. At Air France, the employees have started an arm wrestling match with management and have already been striking for more than ten days. There is also an ongoing strike movement in hospitals, they have shown determination from the start of the movement.

Many universities throughout France continue to organise massive general assemblies, blockades and sometimes occupations.

On 19 April, more than a hundred demonstrations took place throughout France, bringing together nearly 300,000 demonstrators.

In Paris, the demonstration of the 19th saw an extremely numerous and diversified « cortège de tête », gathering students, autonomous, trade unionists and workers of all horizons. On the evening of the expulsion of Tolbiac (Friday, April 20), more than 1,000 people left in wild demonstration. On Tuesday 24, the day of the railway workers’ strike, two actions brought together hundreds of railway workers, students and strikers from all sectors: the blockade of the logistics company Geodis (linked in particular to the SNCF) and, at Gare du Nord, an invasion of the railways, followed by a wild demonstration.

All things considered, Macron and his government are facing multiple fronts and the situation is generaly tense.

In the coming weeks in Paris

On 1 May, the large unitary demonstration will leave Place de la Bastille at 2.30 p.m. and reach Place d’Italie (via Boulevard de la Bastille, Place Mazas, Pont d’Austerlitz and Boulevard de l’Hôpital). The anarcho-syndicalist demonstration of the CNT will leave at noon from Place des Fêtes towards the Bastille square for the main event.

We have learned from reliable sources that the prefecture greatly fears potential overflows during the unitary demonstration and will deploy a consistent security system. This does not reduce our determination, but we also call on all comrades to be patient and attentive to any opportunities that may arise during the evening and throughout the night.

The universities of Censier, St Denis and Nanterre continue to be occupied. Other ad hoc occupations could take place.

High school students are calling, from Monday, April 30, for blockades and demonstrations every day of the week at 11am at Place de la Nation.

The railway workers will be on strike on Thursday 3 and Friday 4 (then Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9). On May 3, calls to strike circulated in several sectors: public service, education, hospitals. Actions will certainly take place in connection with these strikes.

A call has been broadcasted for a national demonstration against Macron on the Saturday 5th of May.

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