Legal and practical information!

Several meeting points have been called for the 1st of May:

Noon in Place des Fetes (Belleville): anarcho-syndicalist demonstration going to Place de la Bastille to join the main demo.

1pm in Place de la Bastille: “Bal populaire” to support la ZAD.

2pm30: Main demonstration from Place de la Bastille to Place d’Italie.

Way of the demo: Place de la Bastille, Boulevard de la Bastille, Pont d’Austerlitz, Boulevard de l’Hopital, Place d’Italie.

! The Paris Prefecture has announced that, due to the risk of trouble during the demo, some massive checkings will be done around the starting point and on the way of the demonstration, in the streets and in the public transports. Take care!

18h30: “Apero critique” in the “Quartier latin”, Place de la Contrescarpe.



Here is the phone number of the legal team: (0033)

In case of arrest, you should ask to see a lawyer of the legal team, here are the names of three of them, keep one in mind!

Raphael Kempf

Alice Becker

Ainoha Pascual



The french cops use a lot of tear gaz. If you want to survive in a nice parisian demonstration, you definitely need some protections: swimming pool glasses, gaz mask… Maalox can also help.

The cops are (normally) not allowed to use ruppert bullet guns in demonstration in Paris since a year. Even though we have seen some cops holding such weapons in the 19th of April demo, it seems that this order has been respected.

The cops are using different kind of grenades. The deafening ones which are exploding 3, 4 seconds after the cops have thrown them, they produce a huge sound. The “disencircling” ones which are exploding directly after the cops throw thew and project a lot of small plastic pieces around.



The maximum duration of an identity check is 4 hours; a police custody can last 24 hours, extendible to 48 hours. It is possible to require the attendance of a lawyer from the beginning of the detention and during interrogations. In fact, the cops can insist on starting without him, under the pretext that he is unreachable, and start an audition. Do not yield on this point. Remain vigilant even in the presence of a lawyer: a lawyer not very concerned about the situation may advise you to say everything, or to give your DNA…

You can ask to see a doctor.

You should know that anything you say at a hearing will then be used by a judge to convict you. The law only requires you to give your name, date of birth and address. Police often encourages you to recognize what you are accused of in order to get out of police custody more quickly. Accepting is a miscalculation! We have the right not to declare anything. Beware of the official report, it is necessary to reread them before signing because it is almost impossible to retract statements made during police custody!

Genetic typing (DNA) is a big step towards total surveillance. Even if refusing to give one’s DNA to the cops constitutes a crime (one year in prison and a fine of 15,000 euros), judicial proceedings are not systematic, and sentences are often light ( a fine of a few hundred euros…) when the defendant refuses genetic typing and is supported by associations, trade unions…

As a general rule, it is better to postpone immediate trial in order to prepare your defence and also because sentences are generally heavier during immediate trial.

You will have to judge according to the seriousness of the facts, the context of the arrest and the guarantees of representation (information that proves that you are likely to appear at your trial: proof of work, training, accommodation…) that you can provide.

You run the risk of preventive detention (a few weeks). That is why it is also important to prepare a solid file when your friends are arrested to confirm the guarantees of representation.