30/04-05/05: blockade against Macron & his world !

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 by Comité d’action inter-lycéen (High School Action Committee)

#Pas2RetraitPas2Rentrée ( #No2WithdrawnNo2Schoolstart) – continuous blockade in high schools !

While the number of blocked and busy colleges continues to increase, high schools are beginning to join them. Before the holidays, #BlocusSauvages were transformed into #BlocusReconductible, and organized banquets, wild demonstrations, occupations, etc..

It is now a question of extending the #BlocusReconductible to the whole capital. Charlemagne has already announced his will to renew the blockade after three days of strike in April, in order to apprehend the month of May with ardour and joy!

Blockades of high schools, occupations of colleges, schools, high schools, buildings, international demonstration, wild banquets – the week of the new school year promises to be very hot.

So, let’s trivialize the week: #Pas2RetraitPas2Rentrée! Let us prefer to support railway workers in stations, meet friends from all over Europe to celebrate with dignity the 50th anniversary of May 68, go and occupy places with the other sectors in struggle, get organised in front of our high schools. Live fully may.

We therefore call all high school students to :
block their school from Monday 30 April
start a renewable strike as of this date
join the #11hNation on April 30th
take the lead of the international demonstration on 1 May
join current and future occupations
take the lead of the demonstration on May 5


Against the Vidal law
Against the reform Blanquer
Against the reform of SNCF
Against the immigration law
Against the unemployment insurance reform
Against the eviction of the Bure and NDDL ZADs
Against college evacuations
Against Macron & his world