03/04 : young diggers against Macron & his world !

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#AutonomousSpring – with the railwaymen and all the others, against Macron & his world !

Nobody could foresee what happened on March 22, nobody had foreseen it. We rediscovered that the street could be a party – and perhaps more importantly, than it should be. That it was the only way to break the ritualization of the manifestation and what surrounds it. From April 3, it is a question of extending this festival until the end of spring and extending it where it is not yet, where it can be our weapon, where work censors it. Strike on everything, then.

April 3 is the symbol of a movement that cannot wait to make movement. It was to be the first day of the long strike of railway workers, it is finally the umpteenth day of a multitude of strikes and actions. Railway workers on strike, the energy sector on strike, garbage collectors on strike, Carrefour on strike, Tolbiac occupied like a dozen colleges in France, demonstration in Paris, etc..

What is to come is unpredictable, but we had not heard strategic discussions between workers and students at a university, a station or a procession for a long time. It had been a long time since we had seen the conservative and fascinating forces waver so much, whether by trying to prevent blockages or by attacking students. You’d think fear would change sides.

It is not a question of being only against selection at university, rather of re-approaching our places of study as Tolbiac experiments. It is not only a question of being against immigration law, but rather of organising solidarity at borders and in metropolitan France. It is not just a question of being against SNCF orders, rather of making the missing link between all the bodies devastated by the neo-liberal company. We understand it, there will be people on the street this spring, but for something to happen, it will make us connections. And turn these ties into parties, against Macron and his world. Overcoming the strict opposition, certainly necessary, and proposing other axes with which to meet, to have a real and powerfully victorious impact. To win the war by the gesture before the movement. From April 3, to April 19, to May 1, and beyond.

Appointment Tuesday, April 3 from 6 am in front of blocked schools and colleges, picket lines then at 1:30 pm at Eastern station to take the lead of the demonstration called by railway workers – with railway workers and all those who will meet there.

Comité d’action inter-lycéen